Here at Spanish Passion we are delighted to introduce you to our new range of delicious authentic Spanish Foods which we have named The Pride of Spanish Passion.

We have selected and tasted a superb range of products from specialist producers across Spain and only after getting our friends and family thumps up do we stamp them with the Pride of Spanish Passion seal of approval so you can be assured of even more fabulous taste sensations.

Enjoy !

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Crushed Olives with Garlic (800g)

The very best Green Olives are cracked, mixed with Red Pepper pieces and whole cloves of Garlic infused in Mild Vinegar.
A great infusion of flavours.


Farmhouse Selection (800g)

These Olives are prepared to an Old Spanish Recipe.
Verdial Olives, Garlic and Red Pepper are infused in a special blend of Herbs & Spices.
A delicious texture bursting with flavour.


Manzanilla Pitted Green Olives (800g)

Delicious pitted green manzanilla olives. Great healthy snack. 


Medium Pickled Gherkins (800g)

The finest gherkins in Mild Vinegar. Fresh and Crunchy.
Highly recommend with ham and cheese.


Mixed Olives and Pickles with Anchovy (800g)

Anchovy flavoured olive &  pickle mix, with green chillies.


Spicy Hot Snacks on Sticks (800g)

Spicy Mediterranean vegetables on skewers.


Almond Stuffed Olives (440g)

Grown in Seville, these manzanilla olives are filled with crispy almonds that create a delicious contrast.  The almonds are an exclusive filling, ideal as an appetizer or for canapés, transmitting the essence of Mediterranean flavor and lifestyle.


Jalapeno Stuffed Olives (440g)

Manzanilla olives stuffed with jalapeños that bring their spicy touch and sophistication to your palate.


Red Pepper Stuffed Olives (440g)

Chamomile Olives Stuffed with Roasted Red Pepper. Flavors that combine perfectly in a traditional filling.


Garlic Stuffed Olives (440g)

The garlic stuffing brings its intense flavor and combines with the unique bouquet of Manzanilla Olive.


Chilli Stuffed Gordal Olives (580g)

Delicious Olé Olives – Large tasty green gordal olives, pitted and stuffed with piri-piri chillies. A spicy twist on stuffed olives. Perfect for appetizers and tapas.


Onion Stuffed Gordal Olives (580g)

Large salty olives countered by the sweetness of onion to create a delicate flavour that compliments various types of cheeses and meats.


Gordal Olives Stuffed with Garlic (580g)

The size of the gordal olive allows them to be hand stuffed with a whole garlic clove. This large firm olive is perfect for snacking, in pasta dishes or as a fantastic appetizer.


Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Almonds (580g)

The manzanilla olive stuffed with almonds is an exclusive olive selection stuffed with blanched almonds. More than an olive, you could say that it is a mini tapa in itself. This combination is perfect, contrasting the manzanilla olive’s salty and fruity flavor with the crunchy taste of almond.


Gordal Olives Stuffed with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Capers (580g)

These gordal olives have a soft and delicate flavour with a firm and meaty texture. They are a perfect partner for the salty capers and earthy dried tomatoes, and make a wonderful tapas dish or appetizer before a Spanish feast.



Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Lemon (580g)

Spanish olives stuffed with lemon is the custom in Seville. Our large lemon-stuffed Manzanilla olives make an excellent addition to cocktails, salads, tapas and antipasto assortments. A touch of lemon provides a subtle tartness to the olives.


Pitted Green Olives with Herbs and Spices (735g)

Pitted Green Olives with Herbs and Spices are simply delicious. The perfect addition to any tapas dish.


Pitted Green Olives with Herbs and Spices (455g)

Delicious, Pitted Green Olives with Herbs and Spices. Amazing deep green colour and superb flavour.


Wasabi Stuffed Olives (292g)

Stuffed with fiery wasabi, these succulent manzanilla olives will complement antipasti or bruschetta in addition to being delicious in salads or as finger food.


Lemon Stuffed Olives (292g)

These olives have a refreshing, citrus aroma and flavor.  Flavorful and versatile, they are perfect as a tapa or for cocktail parties to eat or to garnish any gin or vodka-based cocktails.