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Baby Silverskin Onions

£2.49 340893

Spicy Vegetable Skewers In Mild Vinegar

£3.99 340008

Pickled Blushed Onions in Vinegar

£1.99 340046

Pickled Onions in Balsamic Vinegar

£1.99 340039

Pickled Onions

A fresh assortment of the juiciest Mediterranean Vegetables stored in a succulent Vinegar. Crunch into our deeply infused Spanish pickled onions, soaked in a lavish Vinegar and paired with their relevant taste provoking spices. Our Deli range offers beautiful blushed shallots cultivated along the Mediterranean coast, harvested and express shipped to deliver incomparable freshness. Brighten your cupboard shelves with these sensational products and compliment with any equally sumptuous selection of cheeses.