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Spanish Spicy Cherry Peppers stuffed with Tuna

Spicy Cherry Peppers Stuffed with the finest Line Caught Bonito Tuna

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2014
The Judges said “Well balanced, enjoyable eat. Generously stuffed with Tuna, a great combination“.

A sensational Tapas dish.


Piquillo Peppers with Garlic Infused Olive Oil

A 2018 Great Taste Awards Gold Star Winner.
Piquillo peppers are roasted over Beachwood embers, hand peeled then sliced and infused with fresh garlic and olive oil.
Delicious served on Crusty Bread with Serrano Ham as Tapas also delightful when warmed through with Chicken & Chorizo.

Black Olive Tapenade Great Taste Awards 2018 winner

Black Olive Tapenade

A Great Taste Awards 2018 Two Gold Star Winner.
Made from ripe, plump Black Aragon Olives which produce a superb intense flavour. Try spread over Grilled fish or Meats for extra flavour.
Delicious on Crisp Bread with Garlic, Capers and Anchovies.

Spanish Passion Award Winning Blackcurrant Jam

Blackcurrant Jam

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2013

The Judges said “This Jam is bursting with Blackcurrant flavour, with a great balance between sharp & sweetness“.

Delicious with Toast, Scones or in Tarts.

Spanish Orange Preserve

Orange Preserve

Great Taste Awards 2017 – Gold Star Winner

The Judges said “An interesting texture, soft and fruity and sings of orange and orange peel. An Italian marmellata style of preserve. We like the gentleness of this“.

This Orange Preserve is neither Jam nor Marmalade. Simply blitzed Juicy Spanish Oranges with added Sugar, bursting with flavour and is very versatile.

Delicious with Toast, over Ice Cream or in Natural Yoghurt.
Also a great base for a Sauce, or can be used in baking Cakes as an ingredient or filling.

Rose Petal Jelly Great Taste Awards

Rose Petal Jelly

A Great Taste Awards 2018 Gold Star Winner.
Aromatic, full of flavour and a delight to taste.
Delicious on Toast, Pancakes or served as an accompaniment with Lamb.

Tomato Frito Spanish Passion Foods Great Taste Awards
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Tomato Frito

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2013
The Judges said “This sauce has a lovely colour and consistency, well made and fresh tasting. It really captures the flavour of Sun Dried Tomatoes”.
Ideal for Paella, Pasta, delicious spread onto a Pizza Base, over Meatballs or on fresh crusty Bread for Tapas.

Brava Sauce Spanish Passion Great Taste Awards

Brava Sauce

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2014

The Judges said “A lovely smokiness to the sauce that has a great depth of flavour, and the heat comes in late which is wonderful“.

Probably the most famous sauce from Spain traditionally used for Patatas Bravas.
Also delicious served with Grilled Chicken or Pasta.

Great Taste Awards 2016 Catalonian Sauce

Catalonian Sauce

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2017

This very popular sauce from Catalonia is delicious with cooked Meat, Fish or Vegetables.
Also perfect for dipping with raw Vegetables.

Spanish Passion Harissa Sauce - Great Taste Awards 2017

Hot and Spicy Harissa Sauce

Great Taste Awards Gold Star Winner 2017

The Judges said “A lovely gloss and good depth. Great, rich consistency, smooth and robust texture with good adhesion. The flavours are all very well balanced with a good level of heat which allows the main ingredients to come through. Lovely roasted pepper aroma.

A delicious Hot & Spicy Sauce originally from North Africa. The Spanish were instrumental in the distribution of Chillies and Spices to make this superb sauce. A real Hot & Spicy addition to Meat & Veg or wonderful as a dip.


Pear Tomatoes Great Taste Awards

Peeled Pear Tomatoes

A Great Taste Awards 2018 Gold Star Winner.
Our peeled Pear Tomatoes are from the very fertile Ebro Valley in Northern Spain.


Figs in Marc De Cava Liqour

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2013

The Judges said “The lovely glossy liquid has a beautiful aroma; the figs are well cooked and just perfect in the Marc De Cava liquor.”

Delightful with Cheese or with Clotted Cream and Orange Zest to make a wondeful dessert, an ideal accompaniment with Duck.