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Pepi Pimis – Gherkins stuffed with Pepper

£3.99 PEREPIC12
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Mixed Olive & Pickle (380g)

£3.99 340909
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Spicy Hot Snacks on Sticks (800g)

£5.99 343825
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Baby Gherkins (380g)

£2.99 340916
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Mixed Pickled Vegetables (380g)

£2.99 340923
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Vegetable Skewers – Tapas in Mild Vinegar (330g)

£3.99 340008
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Pickled Gherkins

Firm and flavourful, our hand made Gherkin selections offer a range of heat levels. Our chefs recommendation is to pair them with one of our exquisite artisan cheeses and a rich salty ham such as our Serrano Ham. Loaded with crunch and colour, our Delicious Pickled Gherkins are stored in Mild Vinegar and have Crisp and Crunchy Gherkins, Cauliflower, Carrot and Onions.