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Sliced Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Jamon (80g)

£16.99 AS850170
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Sliced Acorn-Fed 75% Iberico Jamon (80g)

£15.99 AS850316
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Sliced Acorn-Fed 75% Iberico Paleta (80g)

£11.99 AS850262-75
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Sliced Acorn-Fed Iberico Chorizo (80g)

£7.99 AS850019
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Sliced Free-Range 50% Iberico Jamon (80g)

£9.99 AS850422
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Sliced Free-Range 50% Iberico Paleta (80g)

£12.99 AS850262-50
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Sliced Iberico Acorn-Fed Salchichon (80g)

£7.99 AS850002
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Chorizo Dulce – La Alegria Chorizo Ring 200g

£4.99 DG60224
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Chorizo Iberico – 80g Sliced

£5.99 DG60230
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Chorizo Vela Extra – 100g

£5.99 DG60229
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Salchichon Iberico – Sliced Iberian Sausage (80g)

£5.99 DG60231
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Salchichon Velita Iberico Bellota 200g Sausage

£6.99 DG60227
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Serrano Ham Gran Reserva 100g

£6.99 DG60228
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Sliced Acorn-Fed 100% Iberico Paleta (80g)

£12.99 AS850934
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Artisan Spanish Cured Meats, Chorizo, Salchichon, Serrano Ham, Jamon Iberica.

Arturo Sánchez
100% Iberico Pigs:
This product is Arturo Sánchez’s soul. The visible face of the pillars and the foundations that have held their house together since 1917: excellence, craft, honesty, tradition.

A veritable gastronomic jewel, because each piece is unique: the height of the union of the best raw material, the pure breed pig raised in the best dehesa fields, and the natural curing in cellars in Guijuelo.

75% Iberico Pigs:
Arturo Sánchez’s acorn-fed 75% Iberico pigs reach 18 or even 20 months of age. They are older than the pigs usually used in this category. This allows them to obtain pigs with a double montanera and therefore a higher consumption of acorn during their lifetime; while also allowing the pigs to fully develop their muscles and bones.

They live in the dehesas, freely roaming around oat holm trees and feeding on their acorns.

This way the pigs grow and increase weight of up to 70kg in their second montanera. From these pigs they make their acorn fed Jamon 75% iberico, with at least 36 months of natural drying in cellars in Guijuelo.