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Barbecue Salt Flakes

£4.99 SE-008
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Ginger & Coconut Herbal Seasoning – 95g

£4.49 SC-008
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Organic Spring Salt – Fossil River 125g

£3.99 CS-001
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Salt Flakes for Fish 60g

£4.99 SE-007
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Salt Flakes with Chilli & Pepper 60g

£4.99 SE-002
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Salt Flakes with Hibiscus & Sage 60g

£4.99 SE-004
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Salt Flakes with Mushroom & Garlic

£4.99 SE-003
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Salt Flakes with Seaweed

£4.99 SE-010
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Spanish Saffron – 1gr

£5.95 DG13021
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Spicy Chilli Herbal Seasoning – 95g

£4.49 SC-003
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Sun Spices – The Taste of Light (4 pack)

£10.99 POPEDS4P
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Flamenco Rub (70g)

£3.59 13035
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La Huerta Rub (75g)

£3.59 13033
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Brava Rub (65g)

£3.59 13029
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Mediterranean Rub (60g)

£3.59 13032
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Paella Spice (100g)

£5.99 341722
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Smoked Sweet Paprika (50g)

£4.99 341746
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Herbs and Spices

A superlative cut of meat deserves the respect of our assorted Herbs & Spices. Ignite any banquet with Herbes De La Conca’s Chilli seasoning customarily known as Escamas De Sal Con Chili Y Pimienta to locals. Satisfy a sweeter tooth with the Rodriguez Family’s age old blend, featuring Peppers smoked gently over Holm Oak to lock in a deep smoky flavour, works beautifully with fried Calamari. Impart your Paella with the Azafran variety of Saffron, wonderfully aromatic, sweet, warm and floral.