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Sun Spices – The Taste of Light (4 pack)

Diabla 5 Pepper Mix

Granulated Garlic

Ground Himilayan Salt with Chilli

Mediterranean Fleur de sel




Flamenco Rub (70g)

INGREDIENTS Salt, pepper, mustard, red pepper, acidulant (citric acid), onion, garlic, aroma, anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide). Allergens: contains mustard


La Huerta Rub (75g)

INGREDIENTS Salt, red pepper, onion, sugar, pepper, green pepper, leek, chilli, carrot, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), spices.


Brava Rub (65g)

INGREDIENTS Salt, paprika, sugar, onion, garlic, cornmeal, aroma (maltodextrin, rapeseed oil), pepper, cayenne pepper, chilli pepper, dextrose, spices, aromatic herbs.


Mediterranean Rub (60g)

INGREDIENTS Salt, garlic, parsley, onion, pepper


Paella Spice (100g)

Specially blended by the Rodriguez Family for Spanish Passion who have been blending spices for over 130 years.
A vital ingredient to make the very best Paella.


Smoked Sweet Paprika (50g)

Made by the Rodriguez Family who have been blending spices for over 130 years. Peppers are smoked over Holm Oak to make a great spice with a wonderfully smoky flavour.
Use in Paella, also try sprinkling a little over a fried calamari while still sizzling hot from the oil, delicious!