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Crushed Olives with Garlic

£3.99 340886

Baby Silverskin Onions

£2.49 340893

Lupini Beans in Deli Pot

£2.99 340947

Baby Ghurkins in Deli Pot

£2.99 340916

Deli Pots

A colourful fusion of flavours goes into each one of our lovingly prepared Deli Pots, from our mature Farmhouse recipe, known for the firm and buttery taste of the Verdial Olives we acquire, to the crisp crunch of our finest pickled assortment. Bursting with good fats, these Deli Pots offer great health benefits whilst remaining indulgent in taste. Presented in our own luxury Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is developed from only the finest Arbequina Olives, or in a mild Vinegar, these selections will be enjoyed with gusto! Deli food delivery straight to your home. Follow us on instagram for deli food ideas!