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Cremosa Cremoso – Creamy Spanish Honey 450g

£4.99 A04013814
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Montain Honey – Monofloral 350g

£4.99 A04013809
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Orange Blossom Honey – Monofloral 350g

£4.99 A04013807
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Rosemary Honey – Monofloral 350g

£4.99 A04013806
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Spanish Honey

Only through meticulous Bee-keeping can one obtain the grade of Honey we stock at Spanish Passion Foods. With ample organoleptic characteristics resulting from key identified nectars, these Honeys are dripping with botanical generosity and inherently suffused with floral tones.  Lavish on goats cheese, as a base for a luxury dressing or simply add a modest spoonful to your coffee and embrace the traditional Café con miel. We stock a distinct selection of Apisol Monofloral Honey including the zestfully enlivening Orange Blossom Honey.