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Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

Produced in Andalucia – an area renowned for excellent flavoursome Tomatoes. Naturally dried and then slowly cooked until they reach the perfect texture and intense flavour.

Perfect for Salads or try chopping some into Spanish Passion Picadillo Sauce with Pasta

Semi Dried Organic Tomatoes

Semi Dried Organic Seasoned Tomatoes

These Specially Seasoned Organic Tomatoes are bursting with flavour.

Delicious in a Salad, on Pizza or Tapas.

Spicy Cherry Peppers

Spicy Cherry Peppers Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Chopped Almonds

These Spicy Cherry Peppers are a taste sensation. Stuffed with the famous Cream Cheese from Lugo in Galicia and the finest toasted chopped Almonds then infused with the finest quality Olive Oil.

A sensational Tapas dish.

Spanish Spicy Cherry Peppers stuffed with Tuna

Spicy Cherry Peppers Stuffed with the finest Line Caught Bonito Tuna

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2014
The Judges said “Well balanced, enjoyable eat. Generously stuffed with Tuna, a great combination“.

A sensational Tapas dish.


Piquillo Peppers with Garlic Infused Olive Oil

A 2018 Great Taste Awards Gold Star Winner.
Piquillo peppers are roasted over Beachwood embers, hand peeled then sliced and infused with fresh garlic and olive oil.
Delicious served on Crusty Bread with Serrano Ham as Tapas also delightful when warmed through with Chicken & Chorizo.

Piquillo Pepper Confit

Piquillo Pepper Confit

These Peppers are slowly roasted over Beachwood Fires, hand-peeled then expertly combined with Sugar & Red Wine resulting in a beautiful sweet taste.
Delicious with a strong Cheese on fresh Crusty Bread.

Piquillo pepper mousse

Piquillo Pepper Mousse

With its delicate flavour this Piquillo Pepper Mousse is wonderful served as a Canape or Tapas. Delightful served on Small Toasts, Crusty Bread or with Smoked Salmon or Prawns.

White Spanish Asparagus Mousse

White Asparagus Mousse

This delicious Mousse makes for a wonderful starter. Try it with Smoked Salmon & Dill, or with a simple Prawn Salad.

Spanish Allioli


An authentic Catalonian Allioli made using only Sunflower Oil, Garlic and a touch of Lemon Juice. Use as a rub on Meats before frying to give a delicious Garlic Glaze or mix with a little Mayonnaise to make a Creamy Garlic Dip.

Sold out Cantabrian Anchovies


Our Anchovies are from Cantabrian, a place renowned for producing the finest Anchovies.
Delicious on Pizza, Salads or Pasta.

Green Olive Tapenade

Arbequina Green Olive Tapenade

Made from Arbequina Olives which are prized for their intense flavour. Serve on Crisp Breads with chopped Tomatoes, a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a few shavings of Manchego Cheese.

Black Olive Tapenade Great Taste Awards 2018 winner

Black Olive Tapenade

A Great Taste Awards 2018 Two Gold Star Winner.
Made from ripe, plump Black Aragon Olives which produce a superb intense flavour. Try spread over Grilled fish or Meats for extra flavour.
Delicious on Crisp Bread with Garlic, Capers and Anchovies.