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Ferrer Salsa Brava

Ferrer Salsa Brava Sauce

Ferrer’s medium or moderately spicy Brava Sauce is not just the perfect accompaniment to delicious Patates Braves and other Tapas, but it’s also great as a sauce on chargrilled meat on the Summer Barbecue.

Spanish Spicy Cherry Peppers stuffed with Tuna

Spicy Cherry Peppers Stuffed with the finest Line Caught Bonito Tuna 185g

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2014
The Judges said “Well balanced, enjoyable eat. Generously stuffed with Tuna, a great combination“.

A sensational Tapas dish.

Spanish Caperberries

Caperberries 360g

Delicious served with a selection of Olives drizzled with Spanish Passion Olive Oil.

Lupini Beans Tapas

Lupini Beans 380g

Lupini Beans are popular in Tapas Bars all over Spain.
A great alternative to peanuts.

Spanish Aragon Black Olives

Aragon Black Olives 220g

Aragon Black Olives are renowned for their flavour and soft texture.
These are a must for all Black Olive lovers.

Gordal Olives stuffed with Gherkins

Gordal Olives stuffed with Gherkins 380g

Gordal Olives are the Queen of all Olives. Try them stuffed with our delicious Baby Gherkins. Makes great Tapas.

Instant Tapas or Appetiser.

390g Net (Drained Weight 200g)

Tomato Frito Spanish Passion Foods Great Taste Awards

Tomato Frito 400g

Great Taste Awards – Gold Star Winner 2013
The Judges said “This sauce has a lovely colour and consistency, well made and fresh tasting. It really captures the flavour of Sun Dried Tomatoes”.
Ideal for Paella, Pasta, delicious spread onto a Pizza Base, over Meatballs or on fresh crusty Bread for Tapas.

Spanish Passion Vegetable Skewers

Vegetable Skewers 345g

Onions, Red Pepper, Green Olive, Green Chilli, and gherkin skewered together to make a delicious Tapas in mild vinegar.
A must to have with nibbles.

Tapas Dippers Spanish Passion Foods

Tapas Dippers – Thick & Crunchy

Great Taste Awards 2017 – Gold Star Winner

The Judges said “Good, thick even slices of potato, golden and crunchy. Good clean oil. Nice potato flavour – almost a jacket potato character. The salt is well-judged, well made.

Extra thick cut Big Potatoes are fried in a special blend of Vegetable and Olive Oil and sprinkled Sea Salt by our Artisan Producer to create a delicious crisp to load with Tapas or use to dip in any of our Spanish Passion Sauces.

Try dipping in our Award Winning Spanish Passion Brava, Harissa or Catalonian Sauce.