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Spanish Passion Foods works directly with artisan Spanish food producers from the heart of rural Spain, using only the very best and freshest ingredients to create food bursting with traditional flavours and authenticity. Shop our extensive range of high quality, award winning Spanish food products online. Shop Spanish Olives in our new Olive Emporium or a try our great new range of monofloral Spanish Honeys. Find everything you need to prepare beautiful Tapas at home, traditional Spanish meals, and creative mediterranean-style dishes including a wonderful selection of Jams & Chutneys,  Soups & Tapas Sauces, and a great range of cured Artisan Spanish meats, Spanish cheeses in our Deli section and a delectable selection of Spanish Food Gifts delivered directly to your door.
Tapas Inspiration - Spanish Food Delivered

Award winning Artisan Cheeses from Spain

Try World Cheese Awards Gold Star winning Artisan Spanish Cheeses by Pago Valle de los Molinos. Produced by hand from sheep’s milk (exclusively from its own livestock) according to the traditional process of La Mancha cheese. These cheeses are perfect for any cheeseboard, or Tapas at Home occasion.

Artisan Cured Cheese (245g)

£6.39 AG13212

Artisan Spanish Cheese Cured with Paprika (250g)

£6.39 AG16312

Artisan Spanish Cheese Cured with Rosemary

£6.39 AG16212

Butter Cured Spanish Sheep Cheese (250g)

£6.39 AG16112

Spanish Artisan Cheese Cured in Olive Oil (275g)

£6.39 AG14212

Tender Artisan Spanish Cheese with Walnuts (300g)

£6.39 AG11212
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Tapas Inspiration

Artisan Spanish Meats

Artisan Spanish Cured Meats, Chorizo, Iberico Jamon, Serrano & Salchichon. Try our fine selection of Acorn fed Iberico meats, pure gastronomic excellence from artisan producer Arturo Sánchez. Perfect Spanish Charcuterie for any Tapas at Home occasion.

Sliced Acorn-Fed 75% Iberico Jamon (80g)

£12.79 AS850316

Sliced Acorn-Fed 75% Iberico Paleta (80g)

£9.59 AS850262-75

Sliced Free-Range 50% Iberico Paleta (80g)

£8.79 AS850262-50

Sliced Iberico Acorn-Fed Salchichon (80g)

£6.39 AS850002


Tapas Gifting - Spanish Food Delivered

Spanish Gift Hampers

Shop our selection of deluxe and luxury Spanish Food Gift Hampers & Gift Boxes. We have a good range of gift hampers containing excellent Spanish Foods, Charcuterie, Spanish Wines Gifts, Spanish Cheese Gifts with world class award winning cheeses, Spanish Beers, Spanish Chocolate and mucho mas!

Five Spanish Beers Gift Selection

£9.59 345317

Spanish Cheese, Wine & Charcuterie Luxury Gift Hamper

£54.99 G-WNECH-02

The Best Authentic Spanish Sauces Hamper

£34.99 345348