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Sold out Paella Gift Set

Paella Gift Set

The Paella Gift Set Contains: A 38cm Paella Pan, 1kg Bomba Rice, 1 Jar Piquillo Peppers hand Peeled and smoked over Beachwood with Garlic, 1 jar Spanish Passion Paella Spice Mix, 1 Jar Hand Peeled Pear Tomatoes, Recipe Card & Instructions to care for your Paella Pan.

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Saint Valentine's Gift Box Hamper
Spanish Passion Gift Set

Spanish Passion – Gift Box 2

Gift Box Set.
Bow-wrapped with a love heart ribbon.

2 Packets of Award Winning Tapas Dippers
1 Jar of Hot and Spicy Harissa Sauce
1 Jar of Pisto
1 Jar of Award Winning Brava Sauce
1 Jar of Caramelised Piquillo Red Pepper Chutney