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Almond and Honey Brittle Bar 150g

£3.99 PDS310060
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Crunchy Nuts Brittle Bar (100g)

£3.99 DG3572
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Honey infused Chewy Nougat Bar (100g)

£3.99 90168
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Horno San José Almond Chocolate (150g)

£3.99 HSJCT004
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Horno San José Chocolate (150g)

£3.49 HSJCT002
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Soft Almond and Honey Bar 150g

£3.99 PDS310022
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Sweetheart Love Treats Artisan Spanish Hamper

£24.99 345300
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Chocolate Turron Cake with Hazelnuts (100g)

£3.99 90170
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Fruit Fusion

£3.99 341364
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Our elected premium treats consist of highly notable ingredients of the purest nature including Spanish Cacaos and Almonds reared in Cantabria known for their richness in natural oils. Reward yourself with the expertise of one of Spain’s earliest chocolatier families Horno San José, founded over 100 years back in time on a love marriage and a shared ignition for baked goods. Venture further with our Great Taste Award winning Fruit, Nut & Chocolate Fusion - a moist and succulent piece with all the goodness possible, pressed into one delicious packet.