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Smokey BBQ Chicken Legs with Allioli, Romesco Sauce, Chargrilled Vegetables


140 minutes
120 minutes
20 minutes
2 Servings

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4x Large Chicken Legs
200ml BBQ Sauce
4x Dessert spoons Mountain Honey
1x Jar Allioli
1x Jar Romesco Sauce
200ml x Lemon infused Olive Oil
1x Large Courgette
1x Large Aubergine
1x Large Red Pepper
1x Large Yellow Pepper
200g Washed baby leaf spinach
Coriander or Pea shoots for Garnish
1. In a mixing bowl mix the BBQ sauce and honey together mix well, with a sharp knife slash each chicken leg 3 or 4 times, place the legs into the bowl with the sauce and mix well. Leave to marinade for at least a couple of hours or even better overnight
2. Prepare the vegetables, cut the peppers into 1/4s and remove the seeds. Slice the courgettes and aubergines into 1cm thick slices, place in a bowl and drizzle with half the lemon oil, season with salt and pepper and mix well
3. When your BBQ or Griddle plate is hot place the chicken legs onto the grill, turn every 3 to 4 minutes to prevent burning and glaze up nicely, the legs will take around 20 minutes to cook through
4. Whilst the legs are cooking, grill the vegetables to your liking, dress the spinach leafs with the remaining lemon oil season
5. When everything is cooked build your plates as you wish and be generous with the Allioli and Romesco sauces

Other Notes: Don’t forget the wine - a bottle or 2 of Berceo Sauvignon will match perfectly.

Recipe Cuisine: Mediterranean

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