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Spanish Passion Gringo Sushi


Sushi is great fun to make and there are no rules so you can get as creative as you wish! Starting off isn’t easy but after a couple of tries it does get easier. Gringo sushi is a un-refined way of presenting sushi but is fun, messy and is also called Dirty Sushi - the more sauces and sprinkle the better! Have Fun !!

40 minutes
40 minutes
0 minutes
6 Servings

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500g x Sushi Rice
450ml x Water
30ml x Rice Vinegar
30ml x Mirin
6 x Sheets Nori Seaweed
1/2 Cucumber cut into long strips and de-seeded
200g x Feta Cheese cut into Batons
12 x Stems of Asparagus
12 x Strips of Watermelon with seeds removed
20g x Basil Leaves
20g x mint Leaves
20g x Edible Flowers or Micro Herbs
1. Wash the rice in cold water 3 times, draining and rinsing after each wash
2. Place the rice into a rice cooker. Add the water and cook. When the rice is cooked place into a bowl (preferably wood) ,add the Mirin and Rice Vinegar and mix well
3. On a flat surface tightly wrap your Sushi mat in clingfilm. Lay the Nori sheet on the mat dull side down. When rolling sushi I always wear lightly oiled latex gloves as this will stop the rice sticking everywhere. Place approximately 100g of rice onto the Nori sheet and spread evenly with your fingertips until the whole sheet has a even layer of rice. If using micro herbs or flowers sprinkle generously over the rice. Flip the Nori sheet over so you are now filling on the Nori. Starting about 5cm from the top edge, evenly lay the garnish along the roll keeping your garnish as tight as possible
4. Gently pull the top edge of the Nori over the garnish to enclose it and then tightly roll the Nori sheet towards you ,using the Sushi Matt to keep the roll even and compact. Repeat until all 6 rolls are complete
5. Wrap each roll tightly in cling film as this will help to get a sharp clean cut
6. When ready to use cut each roll into 8 pieces

Recipe Cuisine: Mediterranean

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