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Spanish Passion Eggs Benedict with Serrano Ham and Harissa Ketchup


Eggs Benedict by legend was created at the famous Delmonicos Restaurant in New York City in the 1860s. They had two very special customers called Mr & Mrs Le Grand Benedict who dined every day. On one particular visit they told the Chef Charles Ranhofer they wanted to try something new the basic recipe has stood ever since. In 1894 Chef Ranhofer published a Encyclopedic Recipe book in which Eggs Benedict was noted as one of his signature dishes. A little history there! Eggs Benedict in my opinion is perfectly accompanied by a Stiff spices Bloody Mary. Enjoy

35 minutes
30 minutes
5 minutes
2 Servings

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2 x Large Eggs
2 x Breakfast Muffins
200g x Large Green Leaf Spinach (remove Stalks and wash thoroughly)
5 x Slices Serrano Ham (cut in half lengthwise)
200ml x Hollandaise Sauce (warm)
80ml x Harissa Ketchup
6 x Affilla Cress (peashoots) Optional
Generous pinch of Paprika.
1. Firstly poach the Eggs this can be done well in advance if you so wish. Bring a deep pan of water to the boil, do no add any salt as this will ruin the shape of the egg. Add approximately 100ml white Wine Vinegar to the water and return to the boil. Crack the eggs into 2 small bowls and carefully pour into the water at the point were it is turning on the side of the pan. Allow to cook for 3 minutes, gently remove and place in a bowl of iced water to stop the cooking process
2. Carefully warm the hollandaise, slice the top off the muffin and toast or grill till golden brown and crisp
3. Ensure the Spinach is dry, heat a wok or frying pan and and toss the spinach till it is soft and wilted. Remove and dry on kitchen paper
4. Trim and tidy the Eggs if necessary and warm through for a minute or so in simmering water
5. Butter the hot muffins, top with the spinach, and then place three ribbons of ham on each scrunch to form a bed for the eggs. Place the eggs in the centre of the ham, and generously spoon the Hollandaise sauce over the Eggs. Finish with a pinch of Sweet smoked Paprikia
6. Garnish your plates with Harissa Ketchup and Peashoots and eat while every thing is still hot. A lovely indulgent breakfast or brunch

Recipe Cuisine: Mediterranean

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