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Skewered Salmon Steaks, Butterbean & Garlic Purée, Charred Summer Greens, Harissa and Miso Marinade


This is a very pretty dish, appealing to the eye and packed with flavour, cutting the harissa with the Red miso gives real umami and deep intense flavour it will work best if the salmon is pink and not overcooked. The fusion of hot Harissa and Japanese miso is a real winner. This dish also makes a great simple main course dish either serve 3 skewers per portion or adapt to a 7oz piece of Salmon per person, again use your favourite greens, samphire would go well for a special treat. Enjoy and don’t forget some delicious chilled Berceo Sauvignon Blanc.

30 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes
2 Servings

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2x 80g Skinless salmon loin slices (skinless)
80ml Harissa
40ml Red Miso Paste
2 x Dessert spoons Mountain Honey
Butterbean Purée
100g Giant butterbeans
2x Glove garlic (smashed and chopped)
40ml Garlic Infused oil
Salt & pepper to taste
Squeeze of lemon juice.
Charred Greens (personal preference)
40g Sprouting Broccoli
40g Baby Asparagus
Pea shoots, red amaranth for garnish (optional)
1. Place the Salmon steaks in the marinade and mix well ,place in a suitable container and refrigerate for at least a couple of hours (preferably overnight)
2. Place the Butterbeans in a blender, add the chopped garlic and lemon juice, blitz until smooth slowly add the garlic oil to form a silky smooth purée
3. Blanch the Greens for 30 seconds in rapidly boiling salted water, refresh drain and dry, place in a bowl drizzle with a drop of Garlic oil and season
4. Get your grill plate or BBQ to maximum heat. Skewer the full length of the Salmon fillets, gently warm the bean purée but do not boil
5. Place the Salmon Skewers and greens on to the hot grill and literally sear for a minute or two turn and repeat
6. Place the bean purée in the centre of your plate top with the greens, lay the salmon on the greens, garnish with the micro herbs if using

Recipe Cuisine: Mediterranean

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