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Calandra Peach Mousse with Brandy Marinated Mandarins, a Summer Fruit Cocktail


The Calanda Peaches are famous for their rich colour and sweet sugary flavour. The brandy marinated Mandarines counterattack the sweetness of the Peaches, and the crisp Fruit topping give texture and a explosion of Summer Freshness.

20 minutes
20 minutes
0 minutes
2 Servings

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1x Jar Calanda Peaches (drained and dried)
100ml x Creme Fraiche
1 x Dessert Spoon Lemon Juice
120g x Caster Sugar
5g x Leaf Gelatin
240g x Brandy Marinated Mandarin Segments drained
1x Kiwi Fruit
6 x Large Strawberries
1 x Mango
150g Pomegranate Seeds
6x Torta de Aceite con Almendras
1 x Passion Fruit
1. Soften the Gelatine in cold water. Place the Peach halves into a blender and blitz to a smooth purée. Add the sugar and Creme Fraiche and blitz till smooth. Gently melt the Gelatine and add to the Purée and once again blitz till smooth.
2. Prepare the fresh fruit and cut into 5mm. Dice and mix together in a bowl
3. In the bottom of each serving dish place around 20g of Mandarins. 2/3 fill the dish with Peach mousse. Place in the fridge to set for around 10minutes
4. After ten minutes remove the Peach mousse from the fridge and randomly add the remaining Mandarin Segments
5. Return the mousses to the fridge until they are completely set
6. When ready to serve divide the mixed fruit evenly over the top of each mousse. Garnish with the Almond Wafers and enjoy

Other Notes: Perfect served with a chilled Cava or Berceo Rosado.

Recipe Cuisine: Mediterranean

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