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Spanish Passion Baby Silverskin Onions

Baby Silverskin Onions 380g

Delicious tiny Spanish Onions pickled in Mild Vinegar.
Superb with Ham & Cheese.

Spanish Caperberries

Caperberries 360g

Delicious served with a selection of Olives drizzled with Spanish Passion Olive Oil.

Lupini Beans Tapas

Lupini Beans 380g

Lupini Beans are popular in Tapas Bars all over Spain.
A great alternative to peanuts.

Sold out Pitted Gordal Olives

Pitted Gordal Olives

The finest pitted small tender Manzanilla Olives.
A delicious health snack.

390g Net (Drained Weight 200g)

Spanish Aragon Black Olives

Aragon Black Olives 220g

Aragon Black Olives are renowned for their flavour and soft texture.
These are a must for all Black Olive lovers.

Gordal Olives stuffed with Gherkins

Gordal Olives stuffed with Gherkins 380g

Gordal Olives are the Queen of all Olives. Try them stuffed with our delicious Baby Gherkins. Makes great Tapas.

Instant Tapas or Appetiser.

390g Net (Drained Weight 200g)

Spanish Passion Crushed Olives with Garlic

Crushed Olives with Garlic 380g

The very best Green Olives are cracked, mixed with Red Pepper pieces and whole cloves of Garlic infused in Mild Vinegar.
A great infusion of flavours.

Spanish Passion Mixed Olives Pickles

Mixed Olive & amp; Pickle 380g

The finest Manzanilla Green Olives, Gherkins and Onions in a mild vinegar.
Ideal when a small selection is just what’s needed.

Spanish Passion Mixed Pickled Vegetables

Mixed Pickled Vegetables 380g

Our Delicious Mixed Pickles are in Mild Vinegar and have Crisp and Crunchy Gherkins, Cauliflower, Carrot and Onions.

A must with a Cheese and Meat Selection.

Spanish Farmhouse Recipe Mix

Spanish Farmhouse Mix 380g

These Olives are prepared to an Old Spanish Recipe.
Verdial Olives, Garlic and Red Pepper are infused in a special blend of Herbs & Spices.
A delicious texture bursting with flavour.

Spicy Chilli Peppers

Spicy Chilli Peppers 390g

These Chillies are from the Basque Country. Perfectly sized and infused with Mild Vinegar.
A great addition to nibbles or on their own.

Sold out Green Olives Stuffed with Red Peppers

Green Olives Stuffed with Red Pepper

The finest pitted small tender Manzanilla Olives stuffed with Red Pepper pieces.
Delicious to eat at anytime.