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Aliolé Crisps (Garlic Spanish Traditional Recipe) 115g

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Baked Crisp Bread with Garlic Flavouring 150g

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Baked Crisp Bread with Onion Flavouring 150g

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Baked Crisp Bread with Tomato Flavouring 150g

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Bravo Crisps (Brava Sauce Recipe) 115g

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Breadstick with Sunflower Seeds 100g

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Feria Crisps 130g

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Jamon Crisps (Spanish Ham) 115g

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Tapas Crisps (Big & Thick) 140g

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Crisps Tortas and Tostada

Discover new realms of texture with a fitting foundation to any favoured garnish. Exquisitos y crujientes! Snack in sophistication with extraordinary gourmet Crisps, carved from only the finest Spanish grown potatoes by our connoisseurs at Rubio. Acquire the ideal base for your Tapas and dips with our extensive Panadería Artesana Obando spectrum of innovative products, refined since 1965. World renowned master baker Miguel Romeu graces us with his delectable Chocolate Tulips, fitting for a handful of wild fruits.