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Horno San José – Pure Chocolate (150g)

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Horno San José – Pure Chocolate with Almonds (150g)

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Horno San José is a family business with over 100 years of history founded in 1909 in Torrelavega, Cantabria, by Aquilina Gutiérrez Sánchez and Manuel Fernández González. They started with a small bakery and through many years of hard work, dedication and a passion to make the finest chocolate their valued customers would visit their shop from far and wide.

The family have always been focused on quality, taste, craftsmanship and product innovation, selecting the very best raw ingredients and Cocoas from around the world .

Each product is made with meticulous care, following traditional recipes and processes to create natural products with exquisite and authentic flavours.

Their traditional bars of PURE CHOCOLATE and COUVERTURE CHOCOLATE are a pleasure and delight for the chocolate lover.

All the products at Horno San José are made using traditional methods with no added preservatives and 100% natural ingredients.